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Arizona here we come!

The long awaited trip to Arizona is creeping nearer. This time next month we will be enroute, up in the skies, to dessert, more dessert and pretty much some more dessert. There will be some civilisation along the way.

We leave the grey skies of London to head out to Phoenix. Leaving London at 14.30 and arriving in Phoenix 17.30 U.S. time. Richard will need to be alert and ready to go as he is our ride to our first stop. Having recently done this in Spain having be awake for over 22hrs, it should be a walk in the park as our home for the next two days is only 15mins drive away.

We will be staying in Scottsdale the first few nights, in the old town. First stop of our wild west adventure.

Wish us luck!



Dads blog

Dad – As daft as a gift this maybe we thought you would like it. We bought and set up the domain name,, you will be able to add info, pics, changes to trip, anything you like as we go along. Once we are revelling you/we can post images and write blogs about the trip itself.

Its not finished yet, but we can show you how to log in and add info and create blogs etc quite easily.

Happy blogging,

Love from Lou and Rich xx