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Coffee Pot Restaurant – Sedona

Having explored the red rocks of Sedona, we pack up and head on to our next stop, which will be the Grand Canyon.

You can’t travel without breakfast first though – right? Mrs Blackburn had researched the food places before take off and this was one on the hit list.

The Coffee Pot is the best place we have had breakfast so far, so if you are in Sedona you won’t be disappointed with starting your day here.

The staff are super friendly and helpful and the food was delivered quickly. For that all American service with a smile and some excellent food the coffee pot is the place to be.

Trip to Arizona


Mr Blackburn has a plan! The plan is in October 2015 to fly to Arizona. And drive. Yep. Lots of driving. The road trip crew to complete the dream are, Mr Blackburn Рthe inner cowboy who wants to be as wild as the west.  Richard Arnold Рon board computer tech specialist who will be the main driver of the trip. Louise Arnold  Рfellow tech but more of a planner, will be co driver and assistant route and day trip co-ordinator.

Finally Jane Blackburn – Jane will be enjoying the holiday, be driven around and completely catered for. Seeing as Jane has not been allocated any tasks as such it has been decided by the driver and co driver that she will be in charge are refreshments to keep us all going.

Dads blog

Dad – As daft as a gift this maybe we thought you would like it. We bought and set up the domain name,, you will be able to add info, pics, changes to trip, anything you like as we go along. Once we are revelling you/we can post images and write blogs about the trip itself.

Its not finished yet, but we can show you how to log in and add info and create blogs etc quite easily.

Happy blogging,

Love from Lou and Rich xx