Onward to the Grand Canyon

Decided to go via Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon – Jane wanted a coffee at Macys so arrived at the Best Western hotel later than planned. Lou had driven for at least hour and a half. Good hotel, meal expensive.

Next day – to the Canyon, bit of a queue. Made our way to the visitors centre where we were told that blue badge holders can go where the shuttles travel. This gave us great flexibility in visiting the best view points.

We stayed till sunset which was fascinating with the changing light on the canyon.

Coffee Pot Restaurant – Sedona

Having explored the red rocks of Sedona, we pack up and head on to our next stop, which will be the Grand Canyon.

You can’t travel without breakfast first though – right? Mrs Blackburn had researched the food places before take off and this was one on the hit list.

The Coffee Pot is the best place we have had breakfast so far, so if you are in Sedona you won’t be disappointed with starting your day here.

The staff are super friendly and helpful and the food was delivered quickly. For that all American service with a smile and some excellent food the coffee pot is the place to be.